Required Courses

  LS 211  Introduction to Library and Information Science                               3  (3-0-6)
           Definition, scope and development of library and information science.  Information System. Systems and services of libraries   and information centers. Influences of individuals and institution on library and information science development. Profession and   education in library and information science. Ethics and standards in library and information science.  Field trip.


  LS 212  Introduction to Information Technology                                       3  (3-0-6)
           Definition, scope and influences of information technology in libraries and information centers. Computer systems,   telecommunication systems, computer networks and multimedia technology are included. 


 LS 231  Information Resources Development                                           3  (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 211            
         Definition and types of information resources. Selection, acquisition, valuation and weeding of information resources.   Technology and collaboration in information resources development.

  LS 241  Classification of Information Resources 1                                     3  (2-3-4)
          The objectives, uses and general principles of the classification of information resources. Study and practice analyzing Dewey   Decimal Classification System, book numbers and subject headings in Thai and English.

  LS 242  Cataloging  of Information Resources 1                                       3  (2-3-4)
  prerequisite : LS 241
          The objectives and uses of the cataloging of information resources. Principles of various cataloging of information . Emphasis   on cataloging of English books and input cataloging data sheets and computers. Producing and filing information resources.

  LS 251  General Reference Resources                                                    3  (2-3-4)
 prerequisite : LS 211
         Importance of  reference resources. Types and characteristics. Selection principles and tools. Significant general reference titles.   Techniques in using reference resources. Reference book publishers. Basic reference services in libraries. Additional reference tools   produced by libraries. Modern technology for reference services. 


  LS 324  Introduction to Research Methodology  for Librarians                      3  (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 211
          Introduction to research methods for library and information science. Fundamental statistics for library and information   research.


  LS 343  Cataloging  of Information Resources 2                                      3 (2-3-4)
  prerequisite : LS 242
           Duties and responsibilities of the Catalog Department. Tools and cataloging rules for books and other information resources,   emphasis on cataloging practices of various categories of Thai books. General principles of main  Entries. Types of library catalog,   procedure of input cataloging data in computers. Reproducing catalogs and filing.


  LS 344  Information Storage and Retrieval                                                     3 (3-0-6) 
  prerequisite : LS 212
           Definition and process of information storage and retrieval.  Basic concepts and technologies that are used in information   storage and retrieval. Search strategies and information retrieval evaluation.


  LS 361  Library Organization and Administration                                  3 (3-0-6)
           Principles of administration. Library organization,  planning and setting up of libraries. Library personnel. Library finance.   Library buildings, equipment and supplies. Library public relations. Statistical records and reports. Library standards. Field trip.


  LS 371  Information Services and Dissemination                                3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 212
           Definition, objectives and types of information services and dissemination. Information services management and planning.     Ethical issues in information services and dissemination.   Principles, methods and evaluation of information services.  Innovation in   information services and dissemination.


  LS 491  Libraries and Information Centers Practice Work                   4 (0-12-0)
  prerequisite : pass level 200 and 300 of required courses with minimum grade of C.
           Practical training in technical work and information services. A minimum of 210 practice hours are required of each student.   Reports required. Selection can be made to practice in any information service sources with consent of the department.


Elective Courses

  LS 215  Website Creation and Development                                                       3 (3-0-6)
         Basic knowledge about web technology, markup languages, web design for libraries and information centers, web publishing,   web evaluation, and legal issues relating to websites.


  LS 216  Information and Thai Society                                                                3 (3-0-6)
           Definition and importance of information.  Information and technology literacy. Information and knowledge about society.   Learning culture and development of learning culture. Role of information institutions.  Information work development in the Thai   social context.


  LS 217 Information Literacy 1                                                                            3 (3-0-6)
  Don't count credits for Library and Information Science Major or Minor Students.
           Importance of information on education. Information media from traditional to digital formats. Information sources including   digital   sources. Methods and technologies for information access and retrieval. Criteria for information sources evaluation.


  LS 218 Information Literacy 2                                                                            3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 217
  Don't count credits for Library and Information Science Major or Minor Students.
          Principles of selecting and gathering information from various sources. Citation styles. Database creation for self study and   research. Information presentation. Ethics and regulations in information use.


  LS 226  Development of Libraries and Information Centers                           3 (3-0-6)
           Development of libraries and information centers in Thailand and abroad. The factors and results of working in Libraries and   information centers from the past to the future.  Field trip.


  LS 319  Office Management                                                                                3 (3-0-6)
           Office management and personnel administration. Administration of clerical work, finance, office supplies, and secretarial   work. Government and business correspondence. Field trip.


  LS 327  Books and Printing                                                                                  3 (3-0-6)
           History and development of the alphabet and books from the earliest times to the present.  Famous manuscripts. History and   development of the press. Printing material and technology. Publishing procedures. Types and scope of printers and publishers.   Government regulations in printing. Social and cultural influences on production and distribution of publications. Field trip.

    LS 335 Application Software for Office                                                             3 (3-0-6)
           Using the spreadsheet program such as chart, formula, functions, fundamental of statistics and usning the database
  management systems such as creating of database, tables, forms, queries and reports. Apply with library and information
  center practices.
    LS 336 Graphic Software                                                                                     3 (3-0-6)
           Using image editing program and vector graphics editor program. Apply with library and information center practices.

  LS 345  Bibliographies, Indexes and Abstracts                                                3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 212
           Definition, objectives and types of bibliographies, indexes and abstracts. Role of bibliographies, indexes and abstracts in   information storage and retrieval systems. Principles and processes in bibliographic record construction, indexing and abstracting.   Services and dissemination of bibliographies, indexing and abstracts.


  LS 346  Classification of Information Resources 2                                           3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 241
          Analysis of the classification system especially The Library of Congress Classification System. How to use the Library of   Congress Subject Headings, including LC book numbers.


  LS 357  Information Resources in  Science and Technology                         3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 251
          Definition and scope of science and technology. Significant information resources, including reference materials. Selection   principles. Information sources and services. Influences of individuals and institutions on the development of these subjects. Field   trip.


  LS 358  Information Resources in  Humanities and Social Sciences            3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 251
          Definition and scope  of the humanities and social science. Significant information resources, including reference materials.   Selection principles. Information sources and services. Influences of individuals and institutions on the development of these   subjects. Field trip.


  LS 359  Information Resources for Children and Adolescents                      3 (3-0-6)
          Printed information resources for children and adolescents. Definition, and development, types of information resources or   children and adolescents. Reading interest and needs of children and adolescents. Reading promotion and guidance. Significant   Thai and foreign authors and illustrators in the past and the present. Selection principles and tools. Publishers. Influences of   organizations and institutions regarding production. Trends in production and marketing of information resources for children and   adolescents. Field trip.


  LS 377  Information Services and Dissemination for Special Groups           3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 212
          Basic knowledge about special groups, services and information management for special groups, ethical issues in information   services and assessment of service quality.


  LS 385  Serial Publications in Libraries and Information Centers                  3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 211
          Definition and importance of serial publications both in printed and electronic format. Selection, acquisition, services and   dissemination of serial publications. Technology and collaboration in serials working.

    LS 425 Research method for Librarian                                                             3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 324
          Conducting a research project by using pervious knowledge and experience in library and information science.
  Research report must be presented.

  LS 445  Computer Programming for Information Professionals                    3 (2-3-4)
  prerequisite : LS 212
          Variables, constants, operators and expressions, selection commands, loop commands, subprograms. Applying with one   computer programming language


  LS 446  Fundamentals of Database Management for Libraries and Information Centers     3 (2-3-4)
  prerequisite : LS 212
          Meaning of database, database structure, database model, database design, normalization, data integrity, database concurrency   control, backup and recovery, and database security.


  LS 447  Cataloging  of Audio-Visual Materials and Electronic Media          3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 242
          Significant characteristics and cataloging of various types of audio-visual  materials and electronic media. Theory and practice   of making catalogs using Anglo-American Cataloging Rules II.


  LS 449 Computer Network Technology for Libraries and Information Centers                   3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 212
          Using computer networks for intercommunication between people and information service organizations.   Information sources   on global networks.   Trends of computer network technology.  Field trip.

    LS 456 Knowledge Management for Librarians                                                                      3 (3-0-6)
         Introduction to major ideas of the knowledge management, knowledge repositories and technologies that can be utilized in
  the knowledge management system. The applications of knowledge management (KM) for library and information center practices.

  LS 466  Organization and Administration of Public Libraries and School Libraries             3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 361
          Definition, development and standards of public libraries and school libraries in Thailand and abroad. Purposes, administration   principles and procedures. Building, finance, resources, services, activities, personnel and library committees. Promotion of library   use for study, teaching, reading and improving quality of life in community and society. Field trip.


  LS 467  Organization and Administration of Special Libraries and Academic Libraries       3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 361
          Definition, types, development and standards of special libraries and academic libraries in Thailand and abroad. Procedure in   policy, planning, budget, uses, collection, services, personnel and library committee. Field trip.


  LS 476  User Studies                                                                                           3 (3-0-6)
  prerequisite : LS 211
          Definition and scope of user studies.  Principles and methods of user studies.  Application of user studies results in information   works.


  LS 487   Archival Materials and Government Information Resources                                 3 (3-0-6)
           History, significance and characteristics of archival materials. Significant archives. Storage, retrieval and preservation.  Characteristics, types and significances of government information resources.  Sources, acquisition, storage and services. Field  trip.

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