Name of Curriculum

 Bachelor of Arts Program in Library and Information Science (Updated 2013)

  Name of Degree

Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Science)
B.A. (Library and Information Science)

  In Responsibilities of

Department of Library Science   Faculty of Liberal Arts   Thammasat University


  1. To produce graduates endowed with knowledge of the theories and practices of Library and Information Science.
  2. To produce graduates endowed with analytical thinking and to solve professional problem with effectively.
  3. To produce graduates who are able to apply in knowledge for academic area, professional area and social development with suitably.

  Structure of the curriculum

Student must registers at least 139 credits which includes of:
1. General Education courses 30 credits
2. Specialized courses   100 credits  
     2.1 Courses in the field of Library and Information Science  76 credits
           2.1.1 Required courses   37 credits 
           2.1.2  Electives courses   30  credits
           2.1.3 Compulsory courses 9 credits
      2.2 Minor of Electives    24 credits
3. Free Electives  9   credits

  Curriculum Requirements
  1. General Education
         Student must takes general courses at least 30 credits
  2. Specialized Courses
          2.1 Courses in the field of Library and Information Science  76 credits
                2.1.1 Required Courses 
                         Students must take in required courses not less than 12 courses 37 credits and minimum grade of C is required for each   of the required courses. The required courses are
  LS 211  Introduction to Library and Information Science                    3 credits
  LS 212  Introduction to Information Technology                                 3 credits
  LS 231  Information Resources Development                                      3 credits
  LS 241  Classification of Information Resources 1                               3 credits
  LS 242  Cataloging of Information Resources 1                                   3 credits
  LS 251  General Reference Resources                                                  3 credits
  LS 324  Introduction to Research Methodology for Librarians             3 credits
  LS 343  Cataloging of Information Resources 2                                   3 credits
  LS 344  Information Storage and Retrieval                                           3 credits
  LS 361  Library Organization and Administration                                3 credits
  LS 371  Information Services and Dissemination                                 3 credits
  LS 491  Libraries and Information Centers Practice Work                   3 credits

     2.1.2 Elective courses
              Students must take minimum accumlation of 10 courses 30 credits of Library and Information Science courses and must be at   least 2 of LS4XX courses. The eclective courses are these:

  LS 215  Website Creation and Development                               3 credits
  LS 216  Information and Thai Society
                                 3 credits
  LS 217  Information Literacy 1                                                   3 credits
  LS 218  Information Literacy 2                                                   3 credits
  LS 226  Development of Libraries and Information Centers       3 credits
  LS 319  Office Management                                                       3 credits
  LS 327  Books and Printing                                                        3 credits
  LS 335  Application Software for Office                                     3 credits
  LS 336  Graphic Software                                                           3 credits
  LS 345  Bibliographies, Indexes and Abstracts                           3 credits
  LS 346  Classification of Information Resources 2                     3 credits
  LS 357  Information Resources in Science and Technology      3 credits
  LS 358  Information Resources in Humanities and Social Sciences     3 credits
  LS 359  Information Resources for Children and Adolescents             3 credits
  LS 377  Information Services and Dissemination for Special Groups  3 credits
  LS 385  Serial Publications in Libraries and Information Centers        3 credits
  LS 425  Research method for Librarian                                               3 credits
  LS 445  Computer Programming for Information Professionals           3 credits
  LS 446  Fundamentals of Database Management for Libraries and Information Centers   3 credits
  LS 447  Cataloging of Audio-Visual Materials and Electronic Media                                3 credits
  LS 449 Computer Network Technology for Libraries and Information Centers                 3 credits
  LS 456  Knowledge Management for Librarians                                                                3 credits    
  LS 466  Organization and Administration of Public Libraries and School Libraries           3 credits
  LS 467  Organization and Administration of Special Libraries and Academic Libraries     3 credits
  LS 476  User Studies                                                                                                          3 credits
  LS 487  Archival Materials and Government Information Resources                                 3 credits  

                2.1.3 Courses outside the field of Library and Information Science     
                         Students must take 3 English courses for 9 credits:
  EG 216 English Structure                        3 credits  
  EG 221 Reading for Information             3 credits
  EG 231 Paragraph Writing                      3 credits

         2.2 Minor or Electives 24 credits
  Students may take one of these two study plans:
                2.2.1 Minor
                         Students may choose a minor program offered by any field in Thammasat University to meet the minimum requirements
  for a Minor program as determined by the department or school concerned.
                         In case of students take English as Minor, students can count EG.216, EG.221 and EG.231 (Courses outside the field of   Library and Information Science) with other English courses to complete for Minor of English but don't count for credits.So students   must take other 3 courses 9 credits that open in Thammasat University to complete for Minor.
          or 2.2.2 Electives
                        Students must take courses offered by one particular department in Thmmasat University at least 24 credits but no more   than four departments.
  3. Free Electives    9  credits
         Student can choose take any courses offered for study at Thammasat University for free electives that no less than 9 credits,   including foreign languages offered as university core courses.
  Study Library and Information Science as Minor
          Students that aim to study Library and Information Science as Minor must take Library and Information Science courses no less   than 24 credits and meet following conditions:
         1. Students must take the accumulation of 24 credits of the required courses LS 211, LS 212, LS 241, LS 242 and LS 251.
A minimum grade of C is required for each of the required courses.
         2. Students must take an addtional number of Library and Information Science courses, minimum credits of 9, is required.

  Study Library and Information Science as Associate Degree Program
          Students with a minimum accumulation of 103 credits in Library and Information Science courses are entitled to a diploma in   Libarary and Information Science under the following conditions:
           1. Having successfully maintained a grade-point average of 2.00.
           2. Having registered as as student for no less than 5 consecutive semeters, excluding summer registration.
           3. Having fulfilled the unviersity core courses of 30 credits.
           4. Having completed a minimum accumulation of 64 credits in Libary and Information Science under the following conditions:
                4.1 Comprising 37 credits of the required courses LS 211, LS 212, LS 231, LS 241, LS 242, LS 251, LS 343, LS 344,
                      LS 361, LS 371 and LS 491. A minimum grade of C is required for each of the required courses.
               4.2 Courses outside the field of Library and Information Science for 9 credits. Students must passs EG 216, EG 221 and
                     EG 231
              4.3 Other courses in Library and Information Science field with no less than 18 credits.
          5. Free Elective courses with no less than 9 credits.

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