Name of Curriculum

 Master of Arts Program in Library and Information Science

  Name of Degree

Master of Arts (Library and Information Science)
M.A. (Library and Information Science)

  In Responsibilities of

Department of Library Science,   Faculty of Liberal Arts.   Thammasat University


  1. To produce masters that are leaders and high level adminsitrators in Library and Information Science field.
  2. To produce high potential masters that can use new technology to develop library or information center systems.
  3. To produce scholars tht able to research in Library and Information Science field.
  4. To produce Library and Information Science field lecturers.

  Structure and components of Curriculum
         Students must study for 42 credits. Study time is 9.00 - 16.00 on Monday to Friday. Students must study at least 4 semesters and not more than 8 emesters.         
        Students that not graduate in bachelor degree on Library and Information Science must study Pre-courses in summer semester with not count for credits.

     Structure of Curriculum


Plan A Type A2

Plan B

 Required Courses

18 credits 

18 credits

 Elective Courses

12 credits 

18  credits


12 credits 


 Independent Study


 6  credits

 Total Credits

42 credits

42 credits 

      Students that not graduate in Library and Information Science must study and get P (Pass) in Pre-courses with not count for accumulative credits.
   Code                           Subject                                                                                                     Credits                                                                                                                                                                                   (lecture-Practice-Self Studying)
  LS 501                   Information Resources and Collection Development                                     3 (3-0-9)
  LS 502                   Classification and Cataloging                                                                        3 (3-0-9)

   Required Courses
            Plan A Type A2 and Plan B Students must study 6 required courses for 18 credits like these:

  Code                           Subject                                                                                                     Credits                                                                                                                                           (Lecture-Practice-Self Studying)  
  LS 611                   Information Technology                                                                                 3 (3-0-9)
  LS 612                   Information  Services                                                                                      3 (3-0-9)
  LS 613                   Database Management for Libraries and Information Centers                        3 (3-0-9)
  LS 621                   Advanced Classification and Cataloging                                                         3 (3-0-9)
  LS 651                   Advanced Administration of Libraries and Information Centers                     3 (3-0-9)
  LS 671                  Research in Library and Information Science                                                  3 (3-0-9)

  Elective Courses

         Plan A Type A2 students must study elective courses not less than 12 credits. Plan B students must study elective courses not less than 18 credits. Elective Courses are listed below:
  Code                           Subject                                                                                                     Credits                                                                                                                                           (Lecture-Practice-Self Studying)   

  LS 645                   Management in Information Resources for Specialized Areas3                    3 (3-0-9)
  LS 675                   Statistics for Library and Information Science                                              3 (3-0-9)
  LS 685                   Historical Background and Development in Librarianship                           3 (3-0-9)
  LS 686                   Application for Methods of Teaching of Library and Information Science  3 (3-0-9)
  LS 715                   Computer Programming for Information Handling Application                   3 (3-0-9)
  LS 725                   Advanced Information Storage and Retrieval                                              3 (3-0-9)
  LS 727                   Website Development and Administration                                                   3 (3-0-9)
  LS 728                   Telecommunications and Computer Networks for Information Works        3 (3-0-9)
  LS 755                   Library System Analysis                                                                              3 (3-0-9)
  LS 756                   Digital Libraries                                                                                           3 (3-0-9)
  LS 757                   Law for Library and Information Science                                                    3 (3-0-9)
  LS 778                   Seminar in Information Science                                                                   3 (3-0-9)

  Independent Study  (for Plan B student)

  Code                           Subject                                                                                                     Credits    
  LS 771                     Independent Study 1                                                                                        3         
  LS 772                     Independent Study 2                                                                                        3

  Thesis  (for Plan A Type A2 Student)

  Code                           Subject                                                                                                     Credits    
  LS 800                         Thesis                                                                                                         12 

Course Description


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