1. To study theory, rules and method for work in library and informtion center.
  2. To provide Library and Information Science Major students can apply knowledge to manage and administrate libraries or other information service works.  To provide Library and Information Science Minor Students can apply knowledge in regulary work with liabraies and information centers.

  Regulations of Library and Information Science Program

  1. Students must study the genernal education courses, 37 credits of required courses of Library and Information Science (minimum grade in C for each required courses) and at least 30 credits of elective courses in library and information science courses.
  2. Students can study 24 credits of any courses in Thammasat University for Minor program or elective courses.
  3. Students can study at least 9 credits free elective courses.

  Study Library Science as Minor Program

Students must study at least 24 credits of the Library and Information Science courses. (at least 15 credits for required courses and at least 9 credits for elective courses)

  Characteristics of students that aim to study in Library and Information Science Program

  1. Love in reading, care for environments and good mental.
  2. Be attempt, patient and intelligence persons.
  3. Good in working among people.

  The opportunities for working in Libaray Science areas

  1. To be management level librarians, information specialists in libraries or small information centers such as schools, colleges, organiztions, company or associations.
  2. To be librarians or specific information specialist in middle or large libraries and information centers such as librarians, information specialist , bibliographic recorder, making index or abstracts.
  3. To be a teacher in Library and Information Science.
  4. Working on publishing in publishers or printeries such as documents, archives and editorial works.
  5. Working on reseaching, retrieving informations along with documents or other types of media such as audiovisual materials, and electronic media.
  6. Efficiently apply knowledge of Library and Information Science to other occupations such as secretary, business and industrial works.

  Guidelines for domestic and abroad study

  • Study in Master or Doctorate degree in Thailand and other countries.
    • Study Master degree in Thailand at Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, Srinakharinwirot University, etc.
    • Study Master or Doctorate degree in other countries such as United States of America, England, Australia, Japan, Philippines
  • Positioing BA graduated (Library and Information Science) starts from level 3 as well as from those who graduated from other fields and elevates in the order of ability.

  Demand of Graduate in Library and Information Science

Demand in both government and private agencies

  • Demand in government agencies
           To be a librarian, information specialist in education institues (school, college and university) including other agencies and state        enterprises.
  • Demand in private agencies
           To be a librarian, information Specialist in bank, hospital, corporation, industries, etc.

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